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5 Tips On Care Brazilian Hair

5 Tips On Care Brazilian Hair

1. Wash your hair regularly

If you want your Brazilian Hair to look beautiful and healthy, you need to wash it frequently. To clean your Hair Extension, you need to wet it underwater first. You can wet it in the shower or place it under the bathtub tap. This is to help it avoid tangling in the basin or sink.

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Apply mild shampoo on the hair strands. Dispense the shampoo from the top of the braid to the tip. After finishing, you need to rinse with clean cold tap water. Avoid using hot water as it will damage your beautiful Brazilian Hair. After that, gently squeeze the excess water from the wig. Don’t rub or twist people’s Wholesale Virgin Hair. Use a towel to absorb excess water.



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2. Correctly condition the wig

When your hair braid is still damp, you need to use some high-quality conditioner. Apply the conditioner evenly to make sure it penetrates into the wig. It is recommended to leave the conditioner on the wig for about five minutes. When the wig is wet and soaked with conditioner, gently untie the wig from the tip to the top of the wig. Then, you can rinse the conditioner with running cold water.

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3. Choose your hair products carefully

Choose your Human Hair products carefully. It is recommended to use only shampoos and conditioners that do not contain parabens and sulfates. Avoid using Hair Bundles products that contain alcohol. That’s because they are very effective on the structure of human hair and can deprive the hair of moisture and elasticity. Hair elasticity is very important because it enables the hair to withstand styling operations.

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4. Use heat protection spray carefully

If you choose to use flat irons as your hair styling method, you should make sure to use heat protectants on these hair strands. It is recommended to use the lowest heat setting, because too much heat will only damage your hair. This is what you don’t want.

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5. Properly store human hair to extend its life

Finally, if you want to maintain the appearance of your wig and extend its lifespan, you need to keep it safe when you are not wearing it. First, make sure your Human Virgin Hair Wholesale is clean and free of tangles. If you have washed your wig recently, you need to make sure it is dry. Damp hair will mold and become very smelly. The best way to store a wig when it is not being worn is to hang it on a wig holder or mannequin head instead of hanging it on a drawer.



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