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Best-selling Custom Eyelash Packaging

Best-selling Custom Eyelash Packaging

Selfit Lashes is the best eyelash vendors in China, we have the most advanced eyelash style, the most professional design team, the most innovative custom eyelash packaging. We specialize in wholesale mink eyelashes and produce custom eyelash packaging usa. Each style is a best-selling model that has been continuously updated through our constant design.

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This is a very hot box model that we recently sold. This is very helpful for those who just started the eyelash business. These boxes sell very hot. You choose these eyelash packaging will definitely be very popular, we have professional design team, if you don’t have a logo, we can design a beautiful logo for you for free.

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The following styles are recommended for everyone. If you like, you can contact us directly to order, our WHATSAPP: +8615092251080, will be a 24-hour online service, you can directly send us the style pictures you like,  The box requires that we will customize it for you according to your requirements. If you don’t like what we recommend, you can also contact us to choose other styles of boxes. In short, there must be one that you like, because we have too many types.

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