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How much is the price of Eyelash Packaging?

All the price are wholesale price, because we are professional Mink Lash Vendor and Custom Eyelashes Box Factory ,and the price depend on three factors.

The first one is material.
The second one is the craft.

The third one is quantity.

The more you order ,the cheaper will be.If you want to know the wholesale price now, you can add our whatsapp to get the cheap wholesale price right now.


Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

1st The price of the acrylic eyelash packaging boxes

As we said, Acrylic Eyelash Packaging are clear eyelash packaging, and something like crystal , very luxury and gorgeous, and we can directly print your logo ,brand name ,and pattern on the surface of the box. Such like Butterfly Acrylic Lashes Packaging, you can also add flower, portrait,and anything you love we can print for you,all you need to do is send high quality photo to us , such as AI ,PSD,PDF, and we can check with our designer , and will design the sketch for you asap to check the effect after the payment.


Wholesale Custom Eyelash Box Blue Butterfly Box

And we can only produce the lashes packaging for you after your permission, and when we finished the work ,will take photo to you before we ship your Mink Lashes Box.Usually the price is 2usd to 2.5usd according to the quantity ,and if you want to make a good wholesale price now you can contact with whatsapp to get a detail wholesale price.

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2nd The price of cardboard eyelash package

This is the most popular eyelash packaging in the market. The material is from tree , very safe, light and hard. And not be easy damaged by the force.When we print on the surface of the box , that will be very cute and beautiful. Young girls love them very much.One more thing, the shipping cost will much cheaper than acrylic box because of the weight is lighter.

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Diy Eyelash Packaging

Diy Eyelash Packaging

All the eyelash packaging from our Wholesale Eyelash Packaging Factory are all new, and all the material and craft are new,so the cycle of production will takes a little bit longer than just printing.And if your order are complex craft, that will takes a little bit longer than the common one. Our professional buyers know this issue,so they make the bulk order in advance.

This is the reason why we invite our customer visit our Custom Lash Packaging Factory , they will know the whole industry, and will be professional in this area,and know the cycle of the lashes production.

Round custom packaging box

Wholesale Cute Eyelash Box 

At last, the wholesale price is 1usd to 5usd according to the style of the box and craft. And if you order Mink Lashes Wholesale together ,we will give you a budget for you . We are Lashes Packaging Manufacturer, the more you order , the cheaper will be.


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