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How To Applying Mink Lashes To Small Eyes?

How To Applying Mink Lashes To Small Eyes?

Applying mink lashes on small eyes is a challenge, not only the mink lashes are usually too big to wear, but also frustrated to blend two layers of lashes together for a natural look. Luckily, It not necessary to be in this case if you follow the below tips:

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1. Mascara Is A Must-Have

Obviously, no one wants to be recognized wearing Wholesale Mink Eyelashes, mascara is a great invention to stop the hustle, and helps your natural eyelashes and false eyelashes blend together. Be careful here, adding too much mascara will cause bad gunky finish.

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2.Trim To Best Fit

When your eyes are small, most Wholesale Lashes are way big. Time to customize ourselves! Keep in mind to cut from the outer corner instead of the inner corner, and you could try wearing them at 2/3 eyelid to help enlarge your eye shape glamorously. Fortunately, there are some brands do notice this problem for a certain group of consumers, if you dig deep enough, probably will find a couple’s brands offer designing small eyelashes.


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3.Proper Glue Last Longer

Custom Lash Glue is the key to whole eye makeup. Since the glue directly attaches to our skin, need to be careful to choose the trusted big brands. Same as mascara, if applying not enough glue, mink eyelashes will be loosed up, on the other hand, it will cause messy lashes and hard to take off if adding too much glue. The way to overcome is through more practice, eventually, you find the code.

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4.Adhesive Eyeliner After

Adhesive Eyeliner Glue Pen has the magic power which instantly enlarges your eyes perfectly. The additional benefits of eyeliner are fill in the gap between natural lash and false lash by not letting your lash strip so obvious.

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