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How To Attract Customers To Order Your Eyelashes?

How To Attract Customers To Order Your Eyelashes?

Selfit Lashes is a professional Eyelash Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendor in China. As a professional Lash Vendors, we not only sell eyelashes, but also tailor-made eyelash sales plans for customers to help customers start their own eyelash business or develop eyelash business. Today, I will briefly introduce some tips to sell mink eyelashes.

Mink Lash Vendors

1st You Need To Know The Needs Of The Customers

First, when we sell eyelashes, we need to understand the needs of our customers. The sales group of mink eyelashes is mainly girls who like makeup. Many beautiful girls wear eyelashes every day. Therefore, choosing soft eyelashes will not make your eyes tired. As a retailer, choose light and comfortable eyelashes. Good sales methods will get more customers.


Selfit Lashes is a professional Lashes Vendor  . Our selection of raw materials is very strict. Our raw material is soft and comfortable mink hair from Siberia. Siberian mink hair is the softest while maintaining its natural luster. Mink eyelashes made of this material are more real and beautiful, and have an irreplaceable effect on the shaping of eye makeup.

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2nd Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box To Attract Customers

Secondly, Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging will attract customers’ attention. A good creative Custom Eyelash Box Packaging can not only protect eyelashes from damage, but also attract customers to browse your eyelash catalog and choose their favorite eyelash styles. You can print social information such as logos on the Customize Lash Boxes so that customers can find you through the social information on the Eyelash Packaging Box when buying eyelashes.


Of course, you need to take beautiful pictures of your products on social software to attract more people to understand your eyelash products. Therefore, a good-looking photo will be easier to attract fans. You need to take product pictures carefully to attract more customers to choose to buy. Here are some photos I took, you can refer to them.

Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors

Vendors For Eyelashes

As you can see, if you want a beautiful photo, you must ensure that the background is clean and tidy, you can take close-up shots of product details, and briefly introduce your eyelashes when you post on social media. You can name your eyelashes and make it cuter.

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