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How To Conduct Online Lash Business Through YouTube?

How To Conduct Online Lash Business Through YouTube?

Content marketing through social networking sites is a popular trend in business today. YOUTUBE is the second largest social networking site after FACEBOOK, and the products and prices they need are delivered to customers through YOUTUBE video, so that customers can correctly choose the products they need. How to get the best way to get customer consultation and customer orders quickly, then how to use YOUTUBE to develop online lash business?
First, by uploading the mink lashes video, let the customer know that you have the high quality 3D mink lashes they need, and the price is very good. Take our SELFITLASHES 5D mink eyelashes as an example. It’s length is between 18 and 21 mm. Designers pay attention to mink lashes quality and add a lot of fashion elements. They are fatal to customers who like long eyelashes force. And it’s priced at only 5.5 US dollars, can be used more than 25 times, even if it is quickly transported to the United States, its cost price is only 7 US dollars, it is at least 2 grades higher than the artificial fake lashes priced at 7 US dollars, the price is 15 The dollar is very simple, such eyelashes are naturally very cost-effective, and starting your eyelash business with such eyelashes is naturally easy to create commercial returns.

Secondly, let the customer know that your 3D mink lashes are easy to wear and easy to maintain. Our eyelashes are made of mink hair and are very lightweight; the cottonr 3D mink lashes are soft and comfortable, very easy to wear, and easy to cross-mix with their own  3D mink lashes. They look very natural and comfortable to wear. Just use it once every six times, remove the glue from the mink lashes, and then blow it dry with a hair dryer. It is easy to maintain and continue to use. The wear and maintenance process is passed to the customer through the video, which can easily lead to the purchase interest of the customer.
Of course, you should pass the video to the customer before you bring the contrast between the eyelashes, choose the eyelash that suits your eye shape, bring the eyelashes, your eyes are big, the eyes are deep, and the makeup effect is very obvious. Our 20mm fake mink lashes are of moderate length. Basically, don’t put too much makeup on the face, so that customers can feel the simple make-up can bring this mink lashes, so that the customer’s interest will be better, and the desire to buy will be more intense. Everyone doesn’t like trouble. Everyone doesn’t like the complicated makeup like an actor. So it’s as simple as it is. Your video content must pass such a signal so that your customers will like it.

It’s very important to update your video regularly. It is recommended that you update it twice a week. You can record a short video, within 5 minutes each time, with one or two details at a time. For example, videos with mink lashes, videos for cleaning mink lashes, videos for mink eyelashes, video for mink eyelashes, etc., so that you can attract more eyelash enthusiasts. After a period of practice, you have more subscriptions, subscriptions. The comments will let Google Engine recommend your channel to more consumers to search, so you have more subscriptions, your content will be more people to watch, naturally there are consumers.
Recording videos must record the content of the mink lashes that consumers care about, starting from the common details, so that there is no preaching, it is easier for consumers to accept, accept you, and accept your mink lashes.
I believe that if you can persist for a month, you have a very good consumer group, and through their good feedback using our high quality mink lashes, your customer base will grow bigger and bigger; In the month, you will be able to successfully make your own small brand and achieve your normal business goals. As long as you persist, you will succeed.

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  1. Hello I am very interested in buying some 25mm mink lashes can you give me the rates for the eyelashes and customized private label eyelash packaging please and thank you

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