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How To Make Your False Eyelashes Look Natural?

How To Make Your False Eyelashes Look Natural?

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Natural Eyelashes can make your eyes pop by adding length and volume. Unless you’re going for a dramatic makeup look, however, you probably want them to look natural and real. With a few application tips and tricks, you can convince everyone that you grew your full, voluminous lashes yourself!

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Purchase a natural-looking pair of False Eyelashes.If your goal is to make them look natural, you want to avoid the dramatically long, the unnaturally spiky, and the outrageously full ones. If you want them to look real, bigger is not necessarily better. Choose a pair that look like your dream natural eyelashes.

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For most people, your Mink Lashes won’t be ready to go right out of the box. First, you’ll need to trim them so that they fit your own, unique eye perfectly. Before applying any glue to them, hold them up to your eyelid and determine how much you’ll need to trim off the end. Use small scissors to carefully cut the lashes. The finished Lash Strip should be the same length as your Natural Lashes.

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There is a bit of a debate about which Eyelash Glue is best, so you can weigh your options. Some pairs of eyelashes come with Lash Glue, but often you’ll need to buy your own. You can also purchase Black Eyelash Glue. This works well if you line your lash line with dark eyeliner before applying your lashes, because any black glue will blend into it.




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