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How To Take Care Of Your Wig?

How To Take Care Of Your Wig?

Selfit Hair Vendor is The Best Wholesale  Hair Vendor to USA. We have own lash and hair factory in China. We are Professional Virgin Hair Factory with excellent quality and service,we are 100% Human Hair, 100% Virgin Hair,Very silky, No shedding and No tangling. our Hair can use at least 1-2 years. Today, we introduce how to take care of your wig?

1.Wash Your Hair Regularly

The wig you wear needs to be cleaned regularly, however, the correct cleaning frequency depends on your hair type and personal preference. Of course, it can’t be cleaned frequently!

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2.Use chemical free shampoo

You really can’t control the uncertainty that damages your hair, but I think what you can control is the type of shampoo you use. The less chemicals in shampoo, the healthier your hair will be. So you should choose a mild shampoo suitable for your hair type. Be sure to choose a shampoo that does not contain any chemicals!

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Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

3.Proper use of conditioner

The conditioner you use contains ingredients that make your hair straight and easy to take care of. It can protect your hair from environmental pollution and heat setting. However, it should only be applied on the tip of the hair, not on the scalp. In addition, be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water after application. Lash Packaging


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4.Oil your hair properly

After you wash your head and dry it with a towel, you need to apply oil and massage, increase the luster of the hair, and the hair will not split quickly. In addition, you can choose coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and so on. Avoid using mineral oil on your hair.


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5.Dry Your Hair Naturally

Everyone likes to dry your hair with a hair dryer, but excessive heat styling can damage your hair and scalp. So air drying or towel drying after shampoo is the best way. Don’t sleep on wet hair or comb it. Use towel to rub hard can damage the cuticle of hair, you need to gently dry!Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors



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