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Mink Eyelahes And Eyebrows Healthy Growth Principle

Mink Eyelahes And Eyebrows Healthy Growth Principle


in fact, is the same with the hair, that is, most need to add enough nutrition, and Victoria A and Victoria D is a human growth and development of the necessary material, a medical friend once told me , Insist on using vitamin AD complexing agent, which is commonly referred to as cod liver oil or eyebrows, can help it in the short term growth


Mink Eyelahes itself is relatively long, but not thick and easy to fall off, the eyebrow is not bad, but the eyebrows are relatively sparse


Prepare sharp-edged knife and small flat bottle similar to lip gloss package. Cut two pieces of cod liver oil, vitamin A-A compound gel in a flat bottle and dip a clean lip brush into the liquid cod liver oil. At the eyebrows, then cotton swab dipped in the amount of cod liver oil applied to the upper eyelid Mink Eyelahes roots can be twice a day or so.

After about one week of using the above method, the overall appearance of the Mink Eyelahes feels thick, and the newly grown fine hairs are clearly visible at the roots of the upper Mink Eyelahes. The Mink Eyelahes are no longer as fragile as before. Improved. Eyebrows are gradually dense trend.

After one month of adherence, the Mink Eyelahes become stronger and have a marked sense of growth and curl. On the basis of their own, the newly increased length can reach about 3 to 4 mm, the overall thickness of the Mink Eyelahes becomes significantly thick, and the lower lashes become very thin Long, in the first few days when the use of the newly emerged thin Mink Eyelahes have become thicker, eye makeup, light brush when only a layer of mascara can be very good beautification effect. The eyebrows have the feeling of thick Ze, the overall eyebrow graceful no messy sense, weekdays and even without the need to re-eyebrow makeup.

Obviously the biggest advantage of this method is to save money, a bottle of 100 tablets of ordinary cod liver oil only three yuan pentagonal, according to the daily consumption of four tablets should be available for a month, while the daily average of the basic negligible


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