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My New Customers MS.Samira Has Been Working With Me For Two Weeks And Introduced Me To Three New Customers. Why?

My New Customer MS.Samira Has Been Working With Me For Two Weeks And Introduced                                           Me To Three New Customers. Why?

When my customer MS.Samira came to me, she said that she was just starting the eyelash business and looking for a reliable eyelash vendors to provide good quality mink eyelashes. She  said very like our mink eyelashes. I introduced her to our 20mm mink lashes strips and 22mm mink strip lashes. The 20mm siberian mink lashes and 22mm mink lashes strips are of good quality and the style is very beautiful. The mink eyelashes are made of cotton thread and very soft. She said WOW, this is the mink eyelash I am looking for. It is very comfortable to bring. I want to buy some eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging. The eyelash business, we have a lot of styles of box printing LOGO minimum order quantity is 30 PCS, very suitable for people who just started eyelash business, she ordered 30 pairs of eyelashes and 30 PCS boxes with her own LOGO, because she just started The eyelash business was sold out in two weeks. She said that the eyelashes and boxes that were ordered before were not enough to buy, and many customers booked for her, so I bought 50 pairs of eyelashes and 50 PCS boxes this time, and introduced me to 3 A new customer, she said that 3 of them are her friends, seeing that my eyelashes are selling very well, asking which lash vendors to buy, they also want to buy some eyelashes to start her I am really happy with our own eyelash business, because our eyelashes sell well in the US market, customers like them, and customers make money with their friends, it’s really good.

Here Are 3 New Customers That My Customer MS.Samira Introduced To Me



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