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NEW! Foot Care Tool

NEW! Foot Care Tool

here’s an elephant in the room, and its name is Cracked Heels. Let’s face it: When it comes to our body care, skincare, and even our makeup routine, we’re all about giving it the best of the best. Yet between subjecting our feet to four-inch heels, standing, and walking for hours on end, and restricting airflow with socks, boots, and everything in between, our feet rarely get the love and attention they deserve. Besides that 30-minute pedicure every so often (polish changes don’t count), our feet get the short end of the self-care stick.

Luckily, we at Byrdie take our foot care very seriously. So seriously, that we’ve discovered a tool that, once you try it, you won’t be able to live without again. When used sparingly, it provides smooth, callus-free heels you’ll be proud to show off (even in the dead of winter). Did we mention it’s only $9, and it’s available on Amazon? You’re welcome in advance. Keep reading to find out more about the Colossal Foot Files Callus Remover , only ($7.95) works to exfoliate, smooth, and heal your dry feet in minutes.


  • [Material]: The foot file is washable and reusable. Made of 304 premiun stainless steel and anti-rust blade. And it is mild to your skin and remove dead skin from your feet safely and painlessly.
  • [Stainless steel surface]: Its high quality stainless steel surface with appropriate blade sharpness, large yet lightweight design ,which allows you to work with ease, with hanging holes, easy to use, save space.
  • [Micro-Curved Surface] : The micro-curved surface design perfectly fits the sole of the foot and can reach all areas of the sole of the foot, when there is dead skin in the middle of your feet, maybe other foot files can’t help you to clean it, but our foot file has been carefully designed. This will also allow you to quickly and easily remove the dead skin on the sole of the foot.

  • [Wet and Dry] : It works well on both wet and dry feet, They do everything from exfoliating to buffing to sloughing off dead skin in a matter of seconds—skin shavings and all. You can start using this tool after a shower or soaking your feet. That effect is the best. Please note that if your feet are dry and cracked, please soak your feet before use.
  • [Convenient and Durable] : High-grade synthetic plastic is used around the foot frustration, and the middle part uses a thicker connection, there is no need to worry about the damage of the foot file and provide extra good grip. The handle is ergonomically designed, made of synthetic rubber material, it is soft and comfortable to hold.



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