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How About The Customer’s Evaluation Of 20mm Mink Eyelashes And 25mm Strip Lashes?

How About The Customer‘s Evaluation Of 20mm Mink Eyelashes And 25mm Strip Lashes

Today,  I have investigated the sales of our 25mm mink strip lashes and 20mm mink strip lashes in the US market. 95% of our customers are American customers. Let me introduce our 25mm mink eyelashes first. The characteristics of eyelashes, 25mm strip lashes are exaggerated types of eyelashes, the first length is very long, very unrestrained, very flamboyant style, I will summarize my customer’s customer evaluation of our 25mm mink lashes and 20mm mink eyelashes .

1. Our 25mm mink eyelashes are long enough and the curl is very warped.

2. The customer said that our 25mm mink eyelashes are very soft and comfortable to wear on the eyes.

3. The 25mm siberian mink lashes are of good quality and very light weight.

4. After the 25mm mink strip lashes are cleaned Keep the same effect as before, 3D effect is still great, customers like it very much.

20mm mink eyelashes are medium-length, and customers in Europe and America are also very fond of it. This series of 20mm mink eyelashes is very popular. Customers who purchase our mink eyelashes will choose 20mm strip lashes,It’s natural to wear it on your eyes.