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The New Styles Mink Eyelashes and Eyelashes Packaging Box for 2021

Happy new year! thank you for all the supports and cooperation of our customers from all over the world. selfit Lashes,  as one of the best Mink Lashes Vendor, we receive too much help and happiness from our customers.

6D 20mm Mink lashes

Happy New Year Lashes Vendor

They choose us to be the unique Lashes vendor, also we do pay too much time and energy to make the Best Mink Lashes and supply the best Wholesale Lashes at a very low cheap wholesale price.Its time to send best wishes to you and your family. And we do have some amazing cheap promotions to help you make a good cheap wholesale mink lashes order.

We Selfit lashes vendor will try our best to make good progress in the year 2021.

First, Create more amazing top-grade luxury lashes for our customers

As you know, all the luxury lashes are designed by ourselves. And the others can’t copy the soul from our luxury mink lashes. we wish all the customers from the world they can buy the Real Luxury Mink Lashes from any shop, any distributor. This is our goal. The real mink lashes match the beauty of the woman.

《Why don’t we have a price list?》

20MM Mink Lash.

the Best Mink Lashes

Second, Design more and more unique eyelash packaging .

Most of our customer are interested in our Lashes Packaging. Somebody want to order the Most Popular Eyelash Boxes, someone would like to order the unique one.So we will supply this two kinds of Lashes Packaging in the year 2021 and help our customer make more money .

《What’s The Reason Your Eyelashes Aren’t Doing Well》

Custom Lash Packaging

The Most Popular Eyelash Boxes

Third, supply better service.

As you know, we ware so busily in the past year 2020, we have little time to improve customer service.So we will arrange more and more salesmen to answer back all the questions form our market. And we will also improve the shipping time. Most the customers said we are so fast to ship the lashes and packaging. But we did not as good as we want to be.We want to do the unique work not the common job for you.


Wholesale Lash Packaging

Fourth, to be the Best Mink Lashes Vendor.

It is very easy to say than action. And all the colleagues in the different department should work closely together to reach the goal. Which means, we will do the most professional work and supply top service to our customer.

Professional mink lashes vendor

Professional Mink Lashes Vendor

Fifth , providing more lashes and packaging promotions.

we will give more cheap and helpful promotions to help our customer make their own promotions to their customers to show festival greetings.

Wholesale Lashes Paper Box Vendor

Sixth, help more and more girls who want to start their lashes business line.

We have helped more than 3000 girls started their lashes business line in the past year. And we will do more than this year in the next year during the Coronavirus. If you want to start your lashes business line but do not have a logo , brand name, Eyelash Packaging, lashes, and websites, all the things you need we will do that for you.

Besides, we will help you to promote your lashes business line step by step from 0 to 1. if you want to start your lashes business line now, you can add whatsapp to start your lashes business line right now.

Custom Eyelash Box

Custom Lash Boxes

Thank you for all the supports from you again, wish we can do more than you need. Anything about your lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging please feel free to contact us. Happy new year! The New Year we will get better and better together!



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