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Why choose A Mink Eyelash Vendors With Innovative Capabilities?

Why Choose A Mink Eyelash Vendors With Innovative Capabilities?

 Selfit Lashes 20mm Mink False Eyelashes 2019 is on the market, which is very exciting.

Whether for Selfit Lashes or for Selfit Lashes customers, the new listing means:
1. Gather a lot of new customers.
Because the first new style will attract some fashion trends, these trendy characters are always chasing the trend. Whenever there is a new listing, they are always the first buyers, of course they are also the new promoters; the second new listing, There is always a difference in the unique style of other styles, and this style will attract new buyers, which will undoubtedly increase your original customer base.
2. Increase in commercial profits.
The new mink lashes product means uniqueness and can’t be imitated in a short time. We all know that based on good quality and well-known brands, the fake mink lashes of luxury brands are now priced between $25 and $40. The new brand is exclusively supplied by Selfit Lashes, so the output is small, the supply is less than the demand, and there is no price competition for similar products. Therefore, in the initial stage of the listing, the sale can be basically not discounted, so the profit is very good.

In 2018, Selfit Lashes designed and introduced 25mm mink lashes according to market demand. It was recognized by 25mm mink lashes enthusiasts on the market a month after its launch and quickly became popular in the market. Many American mink lashes traders are asking about the purchases around the country. why? Because it sells well, the price is high, the sales are good, of course, who sees who likes it, the result is that DH002 and DH003 are always out of stock, the dealers get good business returns, stable and expand her original customer base, very beneficial.

Recognizing that Selfit Lashes is an innovative mink lashes trader, it found that the length of the mink lashes is between 16mm-25mm and there is also a consumption area., requiring mink lashes vendors to provide intermediate  mink lashes. Because these eyelash enthusiasts don’t like the 25mm mink lashes, they think it’s too long and too exaggerated, they no longer like 25mm mink lashes. With a long time, I am always bored, change the pattern to give myself a new look, look at myself happy, others like it. OSCAR, the chief designer of Selfit Lashes, has long recognized this and has its own technical reserves. It can only be launched when the market matures. There are now customer requests indicating that market opportunities are ripe. Of course, this is the best time to release. .



Dear friends, you are listed with mink lashes from 25mm to 20mm. Can you see anything?
Here, mink lashes vendors have the ability to control the market. Responsibleendors can identify market needs and create demand in advance.
Is there 25mm mink lashes? Of course not, but we made it and brought it to market, triggering a trend of 25mm mink lashes. This trend is a relatively different demand. This demand has become a market, and the consumer group is still expanding; the 25mm mink lashes market has also created a desire for a 20mm mink lashes customer base, creating new market demands. . . You see, how can innovative suppliers master the market? With such a mink lashes vendors, your customer base will grow larger and your business will become easier and simpler, right?

Choosing an innovative and responsible mink lashes vendors, paying close attention, responding to market demands in a timely manner, and ultimately achieving win-win results is a smart choice for a visionary eyelash merchant.

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