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Will The Package Carry The New Coronavirus?

Will The Package Carry The New Coronavirus?

According to WHO statistics, as of 16:00 (Central European Time) on the 17th (Central Time on the 17th, Beijing time), a total of 184976 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide, 7,529 deaths and 159 countries and regions have been reported.

1.Does the package carry the new coronavirus?

The main routes of transmission of new coronaviruses are respiratory and droplet transmission

There is no information that express parcels will carry the new coronavirus, and various courier companies will disinfect the parcels.
In general, due to the low surface survival of these coronaviruses, the risk of spreading by shipping products or packaging at ambient temperatures within days or weeks can be very low.

2.Does new coronavirus affect transportation?

The eyelash vendors usually cooperates with FedEX and UPS, but FedEX and UPS officials have not issued a document to stop shipping, only some aspects have been adjusted, which has no impact on the overall transportation, so you can accept the goods at home normally.

3.Does the U.S. government reject goods from entering the United States?

U.S. government does not reject foreign mink lashes wholesale and custom eyelash packaging from entering the United States.

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