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How To Clean And Maintain Mink Lashes ?

How To Clean And Maintain Mink Lashes ?

When your customers ask you: How To Clean And Maintain Mink Lashes?As a professional Mink Lash Vendorsyou should give a professional answer to your customers. After removing the makeup, there are still a lot of glue residues on the eyelashes. If it is not cleaned in time, it may affect the life of eyelashes. So, how should we clean and maintain eyelashes in order to clean Best 3D Mink Lash quickly and cleanly and extend the life of eyelashes?

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Many people are at a loss when it comes to cleaning and maintaining Mink Eyelashes. Many Mink Eyelash Vendors‘ eyelash products claim that their eyelashes are usually not exposed to water, which can damage the eyelashes. If you wear such eyelashes to go out, when the weather changes, you will worry about not touching the water, which will make you lose the fun of wearing eyelashes. In fact, this is a defect of the product. If you order high-quality mink eyelashes, there will be no such problem.

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Selfit Lashes as a Mink Lash Vendors, always pays attention to product quality and insists on providing customers with high-quality products. You can safely put your eyelashes in a cleanser mixed with makeup remover and water. After soaking the entire eyelashes, gently brush off the remaining glue.

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When there is no glue or dust on our eyelashes, please rinse with water only. Then put the cleaned eyelashes on a dry facial tissue or towel. Please be careful not to put cleaned wet eyelashes on paper towels. This may cause the eyelashes to be soiled by the tissue fibers of the tissue or facial tissue. After simple wiping, fix the eyelashes gently with your hands, dry them with a small wind (too much wind will make the eyelashes straight) or wait for them to dry naturally, you will find! You have a pair of new eyelashes again.

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