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How to test the quality of mink eyelash?

How to test the quality of mink eyelash?

Selfit Lashes is the professional Mink Lash Vendor and Custom Lash Packaging Vendor, We have made three improvements to the quality control of mink eyelashes to ensure that each set of mink eyelashes is the best mink eyelashes on the market. Our quality eyelash materials are selected one by one by our staff.

The tip of the hair is pointed, long, strong, light and perfect. We have to go through strict quality control. Cheap, shoddy eyelashes without sharp hair. If they are made of inferior materials and there are few raw materials, then those raw materials are cheap and there is no choice.


First, take a look at the density of your mink eyelashes

Good handmade mink eyelashes are very fluffy and soft, and depending on the density of the structure and style, the density pattern is perfect. However, poor quality lashes have different density and structure, which makes them look cheap.

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Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Second, check the appearance of eyelashes.

Only high-end lashes look very beautiful, stylish, lifelike and give a luxurious feel.

The feel of high-end lashes is the key to luxury mink lashes, making women around the world more beautiful, attractive and confident.

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Mink Eyelash Vendors USA

Third, feel the mink.

If it’s a fine mink, it’s long, fluffy, soft and strong. The best mink comes from the tail of a young mink.

But few mink shop suppliers know this. They just don’t know anything about the material. They just wholesale mink skins from broken mink skins, which we call “scrap”.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Fourth, ask the wholesale price of mink lashes.

High quality mink eyelashes are much more expensive than other mink hair. If they’re cheap, you’ll know why they’re so cheap, whereas true 100% mink lashes won’t be.

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