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The Butterfly Box Are So Variable!

The Butterfly Box Are So Variable!

The eyelash industry has a history of decades. So far, it is not limited to the choice of Wholesale Mink LashesEyelash Packaging is becoming more and more indispensable. Many Lash Wholesale have found that if they want eyelashes to stand out, In Addition To Popular Styles Of EyelashesCustom Eyelash Boxes accounts for a large proportion. So which Eyelash Box is more classic?


Custom Eyelash Boxes

When it comes to classic Lash Packaging, I have to talk about the most plastic transparent acrylic Diy Eyelash Packaging. The reason why many customers like this box is. It can freely match any color pattern, any color logo. Unlike other eyelash packaging, heavy colors will cause the logo to not stand out. Transparent acrylic Wholesale Lashes And Packaging with colorful logos, or simple logos, can make your eyes shine,look very cute.


Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Recently we have launched a new series of acrylic boxes. Very beautiful acrylic Custom Eyelash Box Packaging with different color pattern. The minimum order quantity for Custom Lash Box Packaging is only 30 pieces. If you don’t have a logo, don’t worry, we have a professional designer team that will design a logo for you for free. Are you ready to start Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo?


Lash Packaging Wholesale




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