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When You Do Eyelash Extensions…

When You Do Eyelash Extensions…

The eyes are the windows of the soul. In order to make the eyes more enchanting and charming, many girls will put on False Eyelashes Natural, so that the overall feeling of the eyes will be enlarged and appear more charming and profound. However, wearing Best False Eyelashes often is troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, many girls think of getting false eyelashes directly, so that they can save time and make themselves more beautiful. But after all, it is an external thing, and the eyes are very important. In order to avoid hurting our eyes, we must pay attention to many problems. Next, I will briefly introduce you.

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Many girls are confused about whether we need to cut off our own eyelashes when applying Best False Eyelashes Uk. Tell everyone that this is unnecessary. False eyelashes are actually used to Eyelash Glue the false eyelashes to your own eyelashes with a special eyelash glue, so that the eyelashes appear to be long and dense, and don’t apply mascara again after the application. After receiving the false eyelashes, we regularly repair it. Because of the difference in the degree of glue and the growth rate of the eyelashes, the general repair time is about half a month to one month.

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If our eyes become red and swollen after applying false eyelashes, it is because we did not close our eyes when we used glue during the grafting process, or we were crying. This will cause the skin to indirectly contact the glue, so that the eyelids will be allergic or cause eye emergencies. Therefore, when grafting, try not to open your eyes in a hurry. Try to let the glue dry before breaking open. At the same time, keep your eyes clean, eat lightly, avoid the irritation of spicy foods, and use eye drops for relief. It can be recovered in a short time for mild cases, about three days for severe cases, and medical treatment is required for severe cases.
When grafting, we should pay attention to the distance between the false eyelashes and the roots of the real eyelashes. Generally, the distance between 0.1~0.2mm is the most appropriate. In this position, the supporting force of the eyelashes is larger and will be more reliable. In terms of the material of false eyelashes, you should also choose the one that suits you according to your own situation. Generally, businesses will recommend choosing softer and slender false eyelashes, so that the grafting will cause less damage to yourself and keep it longer.Eyelash Extensions Styles

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