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Why Does Some Eyelash Glue Cause Allergies?

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Why Does Some Eyelash Glue Cause Allergies?
Here we analyze a few reasons, many friends said, I used to use faux eyelash glues is not allergic, why is it allergic now? Is the skin thinner?

In fact, this is not a thinning of the skin. Due to the long-term use of Eyelash glue on the eyelids, the Lash glue covers the skin for too long, and the skin is in an airtight state, which may cause eczema and become red and itchy. This phenomenon is especially true in summer.

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In addition, when the eyelashes are removed, the excessive viscosity may be excessively applied or the glue may be too thick, which may cause strain on the skin. Best Lash Vendor

Our eyelash glues is produced according to the national cosmetics quality inspection requirements. and our Lash glues meets the relevant national standards, it will not such problems, so do not worry.

Some people say that my skin is thin and easy to cause damage. In fact, people’s facial skin is also composed of stratum corneum and dermis. The stratum corneum has the effect of protecting the skin. He will naturally fall off.

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However, many people often use softening keratin exfoliating products, which will expose the fresh and tender dermis layer to the outside. This will not only cause some cosmetics to irritate the skin, but also the ultraviolet rays and the bad components in the air will stimulate the skin. Maintenance is not excessive damage to these protective layers.

Of course, if your skin has reached this level, and you want to do eye makeup, I suggest you use hypoallergenic glues, but hypoallergenic lash glue is also useful for most allergies. After all, there are many allergies symptoms are not completely caused by external skin or natural environment.

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There are also many allergies caused by problems in the body. Allergic foods or foods that are allergic to foods may also have an allergic reaction to hard skin. These can not be unilaterally blamed by cosmetics. As a result, personal advice is that this situation should not blindly guess and suspect, look for a regular hospital to check the cause and then deal with it.

There are a lot of Lash glues on the market, and there are not many types of hypoallergenic eyelash glue . Here I introduce you to Selfit Lashes hypoallergenic glues . The main reason is that this lash glues is not expensive and is useful to most people with allergies. It is very healthy and Safety.

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